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Kerry O'Donoghue

April 1, 2016


Whether you are a coffee bean aficionado or occasional coffee drinker, we can all admit that every now and then we get that sluggish feeling and the only solution is a boost of caffeine.  Everyone’s need for caffeine varies, take a cup of coffee on the go or choose to sit and enjoy a foamy cappuccino at a local café.  There are many reasons people choose to enjoy a cup of joe!  Instagram is a great platform to find a trendy café in town or discover the next best coffee beverage.  Here are a few ways Instagram motivates us to get that caffeine boost.

1. Latte Art

While most of us enjoy a latte for the taste, there are other factors that can draw us in to buy a cup.  Some coffee shops or cafés take their latte brewing skills even further with fanciful latte art.  Visiting San Francisco? Make your way to Elite Audio Coffee Bar, where you can pay $2 for latte art and after coming across this Instagram, it seems totally worth it!

2. Art Attracts

In this day and age, your average coffee shop with an average cup of joe won’t do.  Retail stores and cafés must do more to attract their customers. Coffee shops like Three Brothers Coffee in Nashville know how to draw in a crowd with creative wall art.

3. Do It For The Insta

Instagram is a great way to discover hidden gems in the city you live in.  Finding the trendiest little coffee shop isn’t too difficult. While going for the coffee is the goal, doing it for the Insta is one more reason for a caffeine fix.

4. Coffee Date

Everyone needs an afternoon pick me up every once in awhile.  Share a latte love over a latte!  Haven’t seen your BFF in awhile? Set a coffee date to catch up after a busy work week.  

5. Coffee Evolution

Coffee concoctions have evolved to produce a whole new level of trendy coffee options.  Why pick up a standard black coffee when you can indulge in an almond milk rose latte?  Whether you go to your local coffee shop for the coffee, a meeting, workplace, or it’s purely for the Instagram, remember to sit back and enjoy your surroundings with a tasty brewed cup in hand.


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