Kyoto Vs Osaka: Must Read Guide For First Time Visitors

With lush mountainous scenery and stunning natural landscapes, together with big cities and neon light-clad modern structures, Japan blends the old into the new.

Japan is a country famed for its rich history and modern technological innovation and is home to some of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in Asia. Two cities that should be near the top of your list are Kyoto and Osaka and each of these places offers a unique alternative to the other.

tokyo vs osaka

Kyoto offers an array of traditional Japanese architecture while Osaka is where you will experience the big city life. In Kyoto, you’ll find historical and cultural experiences while Osaka offers a more vibrant urban ambiance, entertainment, and a diverse range of culinary options.

But if you only have time for one destination, where should you go? Let’s have a look at Kyoto vs Osaka. And if you’re still on the fence, read this Tokyo vs Kyoto comparison.

Kyoto Vs Osaka: Pros And Cons

Kyoto and Osaka are relatively close and just a short train ride means you can travel between the two cities with ease. Of course, this is only what we’ve come to expect from Japan’s fast and efficient public transportation services.

osaka public transport

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, but both cities are popular destinations and offer a unique blend of traditional and modern attractions, but they each have individual characteristics that cater to different interests. If you have one week and are choosing between Kyoto and Osaka, then here are some key differences to consider.

Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

Kyoto Pros

  • Kyoto has a rich cultural heritage and is home to numerous historical sites and incredible temples, like the beautiful Fushimi Inari Shrine, which has over one thousand red Torii gates.
  • Kyoto has an array of beautiful Japanese architecture and you will see wooden Machiya townhouses everywhere, some of which have private hot springs (Onsen). There are iconic landmarks too like Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavillion) and KIyomizu-dera.
  • While in Kyoto you can watch or take part in various cultural activities and immerse yourself in local traditions like a traditional tea ceremony, rent a Kimono, or take part in the Japanese art of Ikebana (flower arranging).
  • The city of Kyoto is a particularly beautiful city during the season of the cherry blossoms and also during the changing colors of fall. The city’s gardens and temples offer stunning displays during these times of the year.

Kyoto Cons

  • If you are seeking a more modern, urban experience, you will find fewer contemporary attractions than in Osaka. Kyot is more focused on preserving its cultural and historical heritage.
  • You will find cultural events and traditional live music performances in Kyoto, but it may seem more subdued compared to the vibrant and energetic nightlife of Osaka.

Osaka Pros

  • As I mentioned above, Osaka compared to Kyoto has a vibrant urban atmosphere. It is a dynamic metropolis known for its lively nightlife, modern urban vibe, and vibrant entertainment districts.
  • Osaka is known as ‘the nation’s kitchen’ and a diverse culinary scene offers great food choice with specialty restaurants and numerous street food options.
  • Lively districts like Namba and Dotonbori are known for their entertainment options, bustling nightlife, and neon lights. These areas offer a huge variety of entertainment, dining, and shopping options.
  • Osaka Castle is a prominent landmark, and the cityscape includes modern structures like the Umeda Sky Building and the Abeno Harukas skyscraper.
  • For some fun times, Osaka is home to Universal Studios Japan, a popular theme park based on famous movies and characters.

Osaka Cons

  • Osaka has its fair share of historical sites but does not have the same concentration of historical charm that you will find in Kyoto. You might find Kyoto more appealing if it has the rich culture and tradition that you require.
  • Big city life in Osaka is no different from specialty anywhere else. It is busy and certain areas can appear overcrowded. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, especially in the evenings, you might find Kyoto more to your liking.
kyoto vs osaka for nightlife

Kyoto Vs Osaka For Nightlife

Kyoto Nightlife

Both Kyoto and Osaka are distinctly different and cater to very different preferences.

The nightlife culture is what sets Kyoto apart from other cities. Kyoto mainly revolves around cultural performances. Enjoy Geisha performances and tea ceremonies, or watch traditional Japanese theatres like Noh and Kabuki.

Gion is Kyoto’s famous Geisha district and it does come alive in the evening. Take a stroll through the atmospheric streets and visit a traditional Japanese-style inn or teahouse, where perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of Maiko or Geisha.

geisha performance in kyoto

When in Kyoto, you can’t help becoming immersed in its serene and magical atmosphere. Some temples and gardens create special nighttime illuminations, this is especially common during cherry blossom and fall foliage seasons.

While not as vibrant as Osaka, Kyoto has its fair share of Isakayas (Traditional Japanese inns) and restaurants. Take a trip down Pontocho Alley, known for its narrow lanes and traditional establishments.

Osaka Nightlife

What if I want a more energetic and lively nightlife scene, should I choose Osaka?

The short answer is, yes Osaka will be the better city for you. The most famous nightlife districts in Osaka are Namba and Dtonbori. They are vibrant and bustling with large electronic billboards, neon lights, and lively crowds. This is where you will find countless bars. restaurants and entertainment options.

osaka live music nightlife

Osaka offers various nighttime venues and entertainment options, from live music venues to themed caves and Karaoke bars. Amerikamura is home to a diverse entertainment scene and Umeds’s jazz clubs require exploration.

Osaka is renowned for its rich food culture. Countless street food vendors offer local favorites like Kushikatsu (fried skewers), Takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls), and Okonomiyaki (pancakes).

Taking a walk through the streets at night allows for an adventure of the senses.

Osaka is known for its late-night convenience. Many places stay open until the early hours of the morning making it easy to find somewhere to eat, drink, and socialize late into the night.

Kyoto Vs Osaka Food

Kyoto Food

When it comes to food and dining options, let us compare Kyoto to Osaka and see which city can tantalize your taste buds.

Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine

Kaiseki is traditional Kyoto cuisine, which is a multi-course meal that highlights seasonal and local ingredients. The Kaiseki restaurants of Kyoto often provide a refined and artistic dining experience.

Kyoto is also famous for Yudofu which is a hot pot dish that includes Tofu simmered in a flavored broth. This dish is especially popular in the scenic district of Higashiyama.

We know Osaka is famous for its street food, but by contrast, Kyoto is well-known for Obanzai, which is a traditional home style of cooking and is popular among locals, especially at family and social gatherings.

Osaka Food

japanese traditional ramen

Osaka has a thriving Ramen scene with various regional styles to choose from. Head to Ramen alleys or local shops to savor these rich and flavourful broths.

There are many street markets to explore in Osaka. Kuromon Ichiba Market and Nishiki Market are two places where you can sample fresh seafood and street food. Kuromon Ichiba is particularly well known for its wide range of food stalls and vendors.

If you have more of a sweet tooth then why not try some local sweets? Osaka offers a wide range of regional specialties like Negiyaki, which is a green onion-filled pancake, and Kaminari-Okoshi, a sweet and crispy rice snack.

Kaminari-Okoshi sweet crispy rice snack in Osaka

Whichever city you choose, you will not be short of food and dining options. Osaka’s food scene is not only about the taste but also the lively atmosphere and the warmth of the people. Kyoto with its own charm and rich cultural heritage, has a food scene that reflects its historical significance.

Kyoto Vs Osaka Vibe

The vibe when it comes to Kyoto vs Osaka is distinctly different and each city offers unique characteristics. The choice between Kyoto and Osaka will depend on what type of atmosphere you are seeking.

Kyoto is a city of historical elegance and traditional charm while Osaka is dynamic and full of urban energy. Kyoto has a tranquil and serene vibe to it where quieter streets offer a peaceful ambiance.

Osaka is lively where street performers and locals with a renowned sense of humor add to a welcoming city vibe.

Kyoto Vs Osaka Where To Stay


Before choosing where to stay in Kyoto, first, you should first consider your preferred activities and itinerary. If you are looking to save money in affordable hostels, or your budget is not an option, there are plenty of places that offer comfort to international visitors.

Gion is centrally located in the historic geisha district of Kyoto and is filled with traditional Ryokan and Machiya houses, wooden tea houses, and cobblestone streets.

Higashiyama, which is adjacent to Gion will allow you to explore some well-preserved historic sites and landmarks. Southern Higashiyama is known for its quieter and less crowded atmosphere.

Arishiyama is located on the outskirts of Kyoto and is known for its bamboo groves. This area is full of natural beauty and also offers a relaxed atmosphere.

The Kyoto Station area is conveniently located for public transport and offers a huge range of accommodations from modern hotels to business suites (which come at an extra cost).


As the second largest city in Japan, there is no shortage of places to stay during your visit to Osaka. the city is growing all the time and new hotels seem to open with regularity so it is best to look for somewhere that suits your budget.

From traditional Ryokan to five-star palace-like structures, Osaka is one city that offers something for every traveler.

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is located in the prestige Nishi-Umenda district and offers top-notch amenities. The Intercontinental Osaka offers modern rooms with city views.

The St, Regis Osaka has a sophisticated design and is located in the heart of Midosuji Avenue and the Osaka Marriot Miyako Hotel is the tallest building in Japan with stunning views across Osaka.

Nishi-Umenda district

Is Kyoto Or Osaka more expensive?

As with any major area, the cost of living a city life can be more expensive than in other places. There are significant differences in costs in both cities and it largely will depend on where you stay, what you eat, and where you travel.

Despite its more historic vibe, dining out in Kyoto can be more expensive than in Osaka. The food here has a slightly higher average cost, especially in the more traditional settings.

High-end dining does exist in Osaka, but it is more associated with more affordable food choices.

kyoto restaurant

Both Kyoto and Osaka offer many shopping streets and districts and goods can vary depending on the type of items you are interested in. Kyoto offers more traditional and artisan goods, which are reflected in the overall average cost when comparing both cities.

it is important to note that personal spending habits and preferences play a significant role in determining the overall cost comparison. Additionally, prices can change over time so it is advisable to check current sources of updated information.

Kyoto Vs Osaka For Kids

Both Kyoto and Osaka offer family-friendly attractions and activities. there are numerous day trips and adventures to be had from both cities.

If you are looking for a balance of cultural experiences and attractions that all the family can enjoy then Kyoto and Osaka offer something for everyone.

japan amusement park

If theme parks and a vibrant urban atmosphere are a priority for you and the kids, then Osaka, especially with Universal Studios Japan, maybe a more exciting choice for children.

Kyoto Vs Osaka For Romanticism

What one person finds romantic may differ from other people, but be assured that both Kyoto and Osaka offer unique charm and individual romantic experiences.

Kyoto has historical elegance with scenic gardens that can create a romantic atmosphere. Lantern-lit streets provide a warming ambiance and the cherry blossom of spring and autumn colors contribute to a sense of timeless beauty.

scenic garden in kyoto

The Philosophers Path in Kyoto is a picturesque canal side walkway that offers a serene and romantic setting for couples.

Osaka offers modern romance and will appeal to those who can find enchantment in urban energy and contemporary settings. Osaka Castle Park has expansive grounds and the backdrop of the iconic castle can provide a romantic setting for a leisurely stroll or picnic.

To enjoy romantic views of Osaka and the cityscape, find one of the city’s many rooftop bars and relax under the stars.

To Summarize

When it comes to a choice between either Osaka or Kyoto, then both places offer something for everyone and if you only have one week in Japan then either Kyoto or Osaka has plenty of tourist attractions to keep you interested.

osaka or kyoto

While in either city, a day trip to the other will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds with the historical charm of Kyoto vs Osaka and its modern vibrancy. Both cities serve as convenient bases for day trips to places like Nara, Kobe, and Hiroshima.

If possible, a combination of both Kyoto and Osaka provides a well-rounded view of the cultural richness and modern energy Japan and the Kansai Region have to offer.

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